• Commonly Overlooked Factors when Looking to Rent a Scissor/Boom Lift

    Whether it is a boom lift or a scissor lift, access equipment is essential in any construction project. However, selecting a lift that meets your needs is no easy task with a variety of choices available in the market. Therefore, project managers need to consider certain factors to ensure that they are getting the right equipment for the job. That said, most project managers narrow their focus on three areas: reach, the primary source of power and maximum capacity. [Read More]

  • 3 Reasons Why Aluminum Shoring Is Better than Steel Trench Boxes

    For any construction firm, the need to keep employees safe during trenching and excavation projects is paramount. It is because staffs working in trenches are exposed to natural ground forces that might cause the soil to collapse. Therefore, using protective equipment such as aluminium shoring systems is vital to keeping everyone safe and avoiding lengthy and costly litigation cases involving negligence. Investing in an aluminium shoring shield should, therefore, be your first objective before sending workers to an underground excavation site. [Read More]

  • 3 Essential Precautions for Hiring an Excavator

    If you are in need of an excavator, you should consider acquiring the earthmoving equipment from a specialist hire company. This solution is ideal and inexpensive if you are planning on conducting a short-term excavation project. In addition, it is a convenient option if you need expensive equipment for your operations and cannot afford to purchase. Here are some simple guidelines for hiring an excavator for your construction or other earthmoving operations. [Read More]

  • Mobile Cranes and Their Advantages

    Mobile cranes are basically cranes on truck carriers. These cranes are hydraulically powered and are mounted to allow them to be easily transported and used. They carry the advantage of requiring no setup or assembly and can be used for various applications. Mobile cranes can be transported without the requirement of fixed runways, making them a popular choice.  These are the main types of mobile cranes used in Australia: Hydraulically powered boom crane Pick and carry crane Lattice boom crane These mobile cranes can only be operated by licence holders who have undergone appropriate training to safely operate mobile cranes. [Read More]

  • Key Safety Areas an Earthmoving Equipment Hire Company Should Not Compromise

    If you own an earthmoving equipment hire company, safety should be a significant concern. Likewise, if you want to keep your employees, you want to make sure they are well protected and have access to quality equipment. The following include critical areas you need to focus on to ensure safety. Provision of Advice and Safety Checklists You need to make sure that the customer is given sufficient advice regarding the equipment they are hiring. [Read More]

  • Top 3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Crane Truck

    Imagine having the functionality of a standard crane and the mobility of a truck all being provided by the same equipment. Well, that's exactly what a crane truck offers you. A crane truck is essentially a tray-top with crane equipment mounted on it. This eliminates the limitation of having to operate your crane equipment from a fixed location but also makes it easier to move the equipment from one location to other locations where it may be needed. [Read More]

  • Top Considerations When Hiring A Mobile Crane

    Mobile cranes are extremely versatile when it comes to transporting different types of construction loads. They come in different types, and choosing one for your construction project doesn't need to be a daunting task. However, if you have never hired a mobile crane before, finding the right one for your project can be a bit challenging. This is because you can miss a thing or two when it comes to the considerations required for the perfect mobile crane. [Read More]

  • Two Ways That Operators of Heavy Construction Equipment Can Avoid Being Injured

    Operating forklifts, bulldozers, excavators and other types of powerful heavy construction equipment can put a person at risk of injury. Here are two ways that those who own and operate this equipment can avoid getting hurt. Invest in high-quality seating Poorly made seating can drastically increase a person's risk of developing an injury when they are driving a piece of heavy construction equipment. For example, if their seat has an inadequate suspension system which does not absorb the impact created by the machinery's constant vibrations, the operator could end up experiencing chronic back pain and nerve damage. [Read More]

  • Four Interesting Ways You Can Reduce Your Lift Truck Rental Costs

    Hiring lift trucks enable you to complete multiple tasks even when you lack the money required to purchase one. However, the hiring costs can be expensive since you are charged a flat rate and an additional sum per hour. Unless there is careful planning at your site, this can lead to an increase in your overall costs. Below are interesting ways that you can use to reduce your lift truck rental costs. [Read More]

  • Only trust professionals to carry out your residential demolition

    It is becoming common to see homes being destroyed in many different Australian neighborhoods. As the population continues to grow and land prices continue to increase, residential demotion is being carried out to allow land owners to use the space for other purposes. Reasons to carry out residential demolition The home is old: An old home that has become extensively run down may need to be demolished altogether. Such homes may also pose risks from lead paint, mold and poor insulation. [Read More]