Two Tips for Your First Demolition Clean-Up Project

Posted on: 12 August 2021

Here are two tips to follow during your first post-demolition clean-up project.

Tell the bin hire company that you'll be using the bin for demolition debris

It's important to tell the bin hire business that you'll be putting demolition debris in the bins you rent from them. There are two reasons why this company will need this information. Firstly, they'll need to ensure that they provide you with skip bins that have a very high weight capacity, as demolition debris is often one of the heaviest forms of refuse and standard skip bins might not be able to withstand the weight of, for example, a large pile of concrete rubble.

Secondly, if you tell them this when you first contact them about the bin rental, they'll be able to let you know which, if any, of the demolition debris they cannot accept. For example, they might not permit their customers to put asbestos or plasterboard in their skips. Being informed of this beforehand will ensure that you don't put these materials in the bin and then find yourself being asked to remove them by the bin collection team when they come to pick up your debris. This would leave you stuck with a collection of hazardous refuse that you don't know what to do with on what should have been the final day of the project.

Hire a truck-mounted crane

If the structure you demolished was very small (for example, if you demolished a garden shed), then you might be able to put the debris into the skip by hand. However, if you've demolished a garage or a residential or commercial building, you should rent a truck-mounted crane. This will enable you to easily pick up the bigger chunks of rubble (such as large concrete blocks) and put them in the bin without dealing with the risks that can come with trying to lift this type of heavy refuse manually.

Having a crane that's mounted onto a truck could also be useful if the bins you've rented have to be placed some distance from the demolished structure, as this vehicle will quickly and easily traverse this stretch of ground and enable you to get the debris into the bin without any delay. A truck-mounted crane is also generally safer and easier to use than a full-sized crane and so is the best option if you don't have lots of experience with heavy construction equipment.