3 Ways a Pick-and-Carry Crane Saves You Money

Posted on: 12 July 2022

If you need to use a crane on your construction site, then a pick-and-carry model could be a good choice. These cranes aren't static but are mounted onto a specialist vehicle. They can also carry items as well as lift and lower them.

These cranes can also help you reduce your job costs. How?

1. No Transport Costs

When you buy or hire a crane, you have to think about how to get it to and from your site. Even a smaller static crane can be large and heavy to transport. You might need a large truck to move the crane around.

If you use a larger crane, then you might need specialist transport to get it onto your site and taken away again. In some cases, you might need to apply for licences to transport some cranes on public roads. Your transport costs could be high.

If you use a pick-and-carry crane, then you lose these costs. These cranes can usually be driven on public roads, so you don't need to buy or hire trucks or specialist loading equipment to move them. As long as you have a qualified driver, they can simply drive the crane to and from your site.

2. No Set-Up/Take-Down Costs

When you hire a static crane, you have to set it up and take it down again at the end of the job. If you need to move the crane around to work in different places, then you'll do this multiple times. You might need to pay to have the crane erected, moved and dismantled if you don't have any workers in your crew with relevant experience.

Pick-and-carry cranes don't need to be erected or dismantled. You simply drive the crane to the right spot and start using it. Once you're done, you drive the crane away. You won't have any set-up and take-down costs

3. No Carry Machinery Costs

While any crane can move items as well as lift and lower them, static cranes don't have much carry reach. If you need to pick up an item and then move it to another part of your site that is outside of your crane's carry radius, then you might need to buy or hire some machinery to take the item from the crane to the right location.

If you use a pick-and-carry crane, then it can carry loads for longer distances. You can take a load anywhere on your site where your crane can drive. You won't need to hire or buy other machines to move items around.

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