Why Should Construction Companies Invest in a Mini Crane?

Posted on: 26 October 2022

While you don't want to buy equipment or machinery that you won't use regularly on your construction jobs, a mini crane can be a good investment. Why should you consider buying your own mini crane?

Reduce Your Hire Costs

If you have to hire cranes or lifting equipment on a regular basis, then you have additional time and financial costs. You'll have to arrange each hire and pay for it.

If you buy your own mini crane, then you should reduce your hire costs and liabilities. While mini cranes are smaller than the norm, they can do the same work as traditional cranes.

So, if you can use your own machine on some of your jobs, then you reduce the number of times you have to hire a crane. The crane will save you money as soon as you start using it.

Get a Versatile Lifting Solution

Traditional cranes do regular lifting jobs. However, you might not use them for any other work. In some cases, they just aren't suitable for other jobs. They might be too large or too hard to move.

Mini cranes are versatile. If you buy crawler cranes, you can move your crane around a site fast. One crane can manage different lifting, loading and access jobs in various parts of your build.

Plus, these cranes can work in spaces that don't suit traditional cranes. They are smaller, lighter and need less working room.

Their smaller size and lighter weight also mean that they can work indoors as well as outdoors. You can speed up work if you can use a crane indoors. Your crews will get help lifting and carrying heavy items. This also reduces physical strains and injuries.

Train More Operators

You'll need a trained operator to use any crane you hire or buy. If you hire cranes and don't have someone on site with the right training, then you'll have to pay more to hire a short-term operator as well.

Mini cranes typically have easier controls and operating methods than larger machines. People find them easier to use; they don't have to spend long learning how to operate these models.

So, you can train people up fast. It won't take long to get multiple workers qualified to use your new crane. The more qualified operators you have in your team, the more use you can get out of the crane.

To find out more about mini cranes and their benefits, contact crane manufacturers or suppliers.