3 Things to Think About When Planning to Hire a Crane

Posted on: 8 October 2020

Whether you intend to build a multi-story or just a single-story house, using the right equipment is mandatory. Actually, moving construction materials from one point to another may not be possible without construction equipment like a crane. And although you may opt to buy one to carry out the project, it isn't the only option available. In fact, hiring a crane might be a friendlier option because you will save more and avoid various costs associated with owning one. But before you settle on crane hire, see what you first need to bear in mind. 

Consider Load Capacity

Various cranes have varying load weights and sizes. If you overlook this aspect, you may not get the most appropriate crane for the project. Where possible, check the crane's lifting capacity to ensure it's appropriate for your project. Ask for load charts to help you select a crane with the most suitable load features. Sometimes, the weight of the equipment determines the quantity of load it should lift. If you expect to lift and move loads with awkward shapes, then get equipment with some unique accessories.

Check the Lift Height of the Equipment

Lift height is a crucial aspect to think about as you plan to hire a crane. It's an aspect that most people neglect when building a house. In fact, they only think about it when constructing a tall building. To know the boom length to select, check the height of the building. The equipment's stability mainly depends on various aspects like the radius and load weight. And although you should bear in mind the equipment's vertical movement, don't forget that it will also be moved horizontally. So, ensure you check its horizontal distance as well.

Consider Site's Accessibility and Conditions

The site's location will determine the kind of the heavy equipment you select. If it will be difficult for the crane to easily gain accessibility to the site, look for another option. If you want to use a bigger crane, check if it could be assembled on-site. It's likely to happen if the crane you hire has an extreme lift height or even load capacity because they cannot access specific construction sites before they are disassembled. If the ground or site is extremely muddy, accessibility might be a big issue. 

So, if you intend to hire a crane, ensure you don't do it haphazardly. First, consider a few aspects, such as those discussed above, to ensure you get the right one from a crane hire company.