3 Reasons Why Aluminum Shoring Is Better than Steel Trench Boxes

Posted on: 21 May 2019

For any construction firm, the need to keep employees safe during trenching and excavation projects is paramount. It is because staffs working in trenches are exposed to natural ground forces that might cause the soil to collapse. Therefore, using protective equipment such as aluminium shoring systems is vital to keeping everyone safe and avoiding lengthy and costly litigation cases involving negligence. Investing in an aluminium shoring shield should, therefore, be your first objective before sending workers to an underground excavation site. However, you must first understand the value you are getting from the equipment before cashing a check. This article highlights the benefits of an aluminium shoring system. 

Stackable -- Steel cages are the best for deep and extensive excavations. However, if you are contracted to handle a deep excavation project, but do not have the necessary machinery to handle steel trench box installation, you can still use aluminium shoring. It is because aluminium shoring systems are designed in such a way that they can be stacked together to add height in a trench quickly. The design allows aluminium shoring to offer protection in deep trenches as well as a variety of applications such as municipal maintenance or on-the-spot troubleshooting applications.

Ideal for Smaller Jobs -- Trenching and excavation jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Some excavations can be deep and big while others are small and shallow, for instance, a drainage trench. Whichever is the case, it is vital to have a practical trench shoring option. While you can use steel trench boxes for some of the smaller jobs, the boxes are impractical if you consider the amount of work that goes into the installation process. Not only are steel trench boxes heavy and require heavy machinery to move about, but the installation process also takes a substantial amount of time. With aluminium shoring, however, the ease of installation makes the technique the ideal choice for small excavation and trenching projects.

Light Weight Aluminum -- When thinking about trench shoring equipment, most people believe that only heavy shields offer adequate protection to workers. It is because most people equate the weight of the material used to the level of protection provided. However, nothing could be further from the truth because aluminium shoring systems are some of the most effective trench shields in the market. Thanks to aluminium's lightweight characteristic, aluminium shoring equipment is easy to install. Unlike steel trench boxes that must be lifted with heavy machinery during installation, aluminium shoring can be installed by hand. It makes it a cost-effective option because you do not need extra machinery to help with the installation process.