3 Essential Precautions for Hiring an Excavator

Posted on: 28 February 2019

If you are in need of an excavator, you should consider acquiring the earthmoving equipment from a specialist hire company. This solution is ideal and inexpensive if you are planning on conducting a short-term excavation project. In addition, it is a convenient option if you need expensive equipment for your operations and cannot afford to purchase. Here are some simple guidelines for hiring an excavator for your construction or other earthmoving operations.

Compare Excavators

You should select the best machinery for your specific digging operations. Your choice of equipment will determine the earthmoving efficiency on your worksite. In general, when selecting an excavator, you should determine the optimal equipment size. You can choose standard, heavy-duty or compact excavators. Evaluate the scale of the project before choosing the best option. The other important factors that you must consider include load-bearing capacity, cabin controls, manoeuvrability and safety features.

Assess for Damage

A thorough inspection is essential when renting an excavator. In general, this type of earthmoving equipment is exposed to the pressures of adverse work conditions. As a result, the machinery might display signs of wear and deterioration due to the general strain. In most cases, the damage to rental excavators is superficial and will not affect the performance of the equipment. However, it is still important to be cautious.

You should begin by checking the general structure for significant signs of degradation like denting, loose parts and missing components. These are obvious indicators of neglect. If an excavator is worn out, it might not be the right choice for your project. You should also ensure that the movement of the earthmoving components is smooth for efficient operation. In addition, ensure that the structure is free of fluid leaks.

Maximise the Potential

Consider acquiring diverse attachments during excavator to maximise equipment potential. This choice will help you perform more tasks and reduce your total rental expenses. If you attach different components to your excavator, you can use the machinery for a wide range of tasks on your worksite. The appropriate attachments will depend on the nature of your project. With the right attachments, you can trench, dig, drill, grade and level the ground with the same system. Therefore, inquire about the range of attachments available and acquire those compatible with your project.

Finally, you should check the terms of bobcat hire from your heavy construction equipment rental company. Make sure that the details on the rental period and hire price are clear to avoid future complications.