Mobile Cranes and Their Advantages

Posted on: 15 January 2019

Mobile cranes are basically cranes on truck carriers. These cranes are hydraulically powered and are mounted to allow them to be easily transported and used. They carry the advantage of requiring no setup or assembly and can be used for various applications. Mobile cranes can be transported without the requirement of fixed runways, making them a popular choice. 

These are the main types of mobile cranes used in Australia:

  • Hydraulically powered boom crane
  • Pick and carry crane
  • Lattice boom crane

These mobile cranes can only be operated by licence holders who have undergone appropriate training to safely operate mobile cranes. If these are not operated correctly, then they can cause serious damage to both employees and property. 

What applications are mobile cranes used for?

There are numerous types of mobile cranes available in different sizes, shapes and height. These cranes can lift just about anything and are used in construction sites to lift materials. Hydraulic cranes are used the most, owing to their versatility. These operate robustly and safely, making them a popular option. These powerful cranes are used for the heaviest lifting requirements, such as lifting heavy factory equipment and beams for building bridges. 

Another type of mobile crane is an all-terrain crane which is an all-wheel drive crane that can travel on gravel and highways. This property of all-terrain mobile cranes means they are used for more remote locations. These type of cranes are also easy to set up and shift around the site. 

Advantages of mobile cranes

The major advantage of mobile cranes is that you can simply hire one mobile crane and easily move it between sites. Mobile cranes are also easily operated on roads, allowing them to carry heavy construction materials from site to site. Mobile cranes are also highly versatile and can fit into tight spaces as well as large buildings. In comparison to a normal-sized crane, mobile cranes are compact but still have ample lifting capacity. They can be easily maneuvered to precisely carry out lifting tasks. In terms of cost, mobile cranes are less expensive than normal-sized cranes, as there is virtually no setup cost. Tower cranes require setup which is costly and time taking. 

These cranes are not only used for heavy duty lifting but can also assist with domestic lifting. This includes shifting heavy furniture, pools and storage containers. 

Always conduct appropriate research on the best type of mobile crane to suit your needs before hiring. Reach out to businesses like Davo's Crane Hire for more help.