Top 3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Crane Truck

Posted on: 23 September 2018

Imagine having the functionality of a standard crane and the mobility of a truck all being provided by the same equipment. Well, that's exactly what a crane truck offers you. A crane truck is essentially a tray-top with crane equipment mounted on it. This eliminates the limitation of having to operate your crane equipment from a fixed location but also makes it easier to move the equipment from one location to other locations where it may be needed. 

If you're planning to hire a crane truck for an upcoming heavy lifting project, you might be confused about what you really need. In deciding which truck is right for your job, here are a number of important things to consider. 

1. The maximum weight of the loads you intend to carry.

Different crane trucks have different lifting capacities to cater to the needs of different crane users. In determining the lifting capacity of the machine, you will need, consider the weight of the heaviest loads you will need to lift, then choose something that can safely lift that weight. 

The most useful resource for establishing what a particular crane truck is capable of lifting safely is a crane load chart. As there may be variations on the actual capacity of similar size crane trucks because of the many different crane manufacturers out there, it's vital that crane load charts be properly interpreted.

2. The extras you will need to make your job go more smoothly. 

Choosing the right accessories for your rental can make all the difference when it comes to getting the job done more safely and efficiently. There is a wide selection of accessories available for your crane truck rental, including man lift baskets, material grapples, outrigger pads, boom lights, rolling tarps, and more. The specific requirements of your project will determine which extras you will need. 

If you need more reliable lighting solution for your particular crane application, for example, boom lights can really come in handy. These lighting fixtures attach directly to a crane's boom and lights up a wide work area just beneath the boom. This provides crane operators a clearer view of the work area, allowing them to be more productive and stay safer at the worksite.  

3. Your staffing requirements.

Crane trucks are heavy equipment that only trained and experienced operators should be allowed to handle. If you don't have the right personnel for the job, you can opt to hire the equipment together with complimentary staff required to operate it. This, of course, will cost you more.

But if you have trained personnel to operate the crane truck you need, there's no need for spending extra on complimentary staff when you can use your own staff. If you have specific questions about your crane truck rental, you can contact the experts at a local crane hire company to have them addressed.