Four Interesting Ways You Can Reduce Your Lift Truck Rental Costs

Posted on: 15 November 2017

Hiring lift trucks enable you to complete multiple tasks even when you lack the money required to purchase one. However, the hiring costs can be expensive since you are charged a flat rate and an additional sum per hour. Unless there is careful planning at your site, this can lead to an increase in your overall costs. Below are interesting ways that you can use to reduce your lift truck rental costs.

Make all preparations before the arrival of the lift truck

Heavy equipment such as lift trucks and forklifts are often delivered to the site to complete a particular task. You should make sure that all preparations are made at the work site before the arrival of such equipment. An example is the removal of debris on the roads to be used. This will enable the lift truck to maneuver easily. In case the roads are blocked, the trucks will be idle but you will still be paying for them. The faster you can start using them, the quicker the work can be completed, which reduces your overall costs.

Choose an option that includes insurance

Companies have different rates for their heavy equipment. You have the option of selecting a payment plan that provides for insurance or one without it. Purchasing separate insurance for a lift truck or forklift can be expensive if you are only using the machine temporarily. As such, it is better to hire a truck where the rates offered include comprehensive insurance during the entire period you will use the rental.

Get an experienced operator from the rental company

Getting an experienced and certified heavy equipment operator can be very costly if you get a third party. You will also have to sign contracts and meet certain obligations as an employer. However, when you request for an operator from the rental company, it will be cheaper since they already have a working engagement with the company.

Book several days or weeks in advance

When you call a heavy equipment rental company to tell them that you require a forklift or lift truck in the next twenty hours, the rates charged will be higher. This is because the company will be forced to divert from handling other business to meet your request. The situation is different when you book the lift truck several days or weeks in advance. The company will have sufficient time to organise its operations, and the rate will be slightly lower. If these savings are added up over an entire construction project, then the total amount you would have saved is significant.