Only trust professionals to carry out your residential demolition

Posted on: 21 September 2017

It is becoming common to see homes being destroyed in many different Australian neighborhoods. As the population continues to grow and land prices continue to increase, residential demotion is being carried out to allow land owners to use the space for other purposes.

Reasons to carry out residential demolition

  1. The home is old: An old home that has become extensively run down may need to be demolished altogether. Such homes may also pose risks from lead paint, mold and poor insulation. In such cases, costly renovations to the home may not be worth it. Time to call residential demolition services.
  2. The land can be used for other purposes: The land that was previously occupied by a residential property may now be needed for other purposes. A common occurrence of residential demotion occurs in beach properties that are being converted into hotels or other commercial establishments.
  3. The home is located in an unsafe area: Some residences may be located in dangerous areas such as near dangerous roads, airports, or flood plains. If such homes are constantly affected by these influencing factors, demolition may be necessary in order for the homeowner to build in a safer area. 

Equipment used in residential demolition

When destroying a home, equipment needs to be tough enough to penetrate the home's foundations, yet safe enough to avoid damages to surrounding areas. A combination of heavy industrial equipment needs to be used to achieve this intricate balance.

  1. Excavators: Excavators are used to destabilize the structure of the home and to cause it to collapse. This is the fastest way of destroying the home.
  2. Backhoe loaders: Backhoe loaders are used to clean up the mess and debris after a demolition. They lift debris from the site and dispose of it in a safe and responsible manner
  3. Dump trucks: To support the cleanup process, dump trucks can be used to collect all the unwanted materials from the demolition site for proper disposal.

Advantages of Residential demolition services

  1. Safety standards: Professional demolition services can ensure that your home is destroyed in a safe manner while minimizing inconvenience to others. The work is done by trained professionals who are familiar with the equipment necessary to carry out they job.
  2. Complying with local regulations: Your local municipality has guidelines that are required to be followed during residential demolition. Professional services have the required licensing and expertise that meets the guidelines of your local government.
  3. More effective: With the right equipment and expertise, residential demolition can be completed in a shorter period than using manual techniques such as a sledgehammer. 

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