Checkpoints when Hiring a Forklift Operator for your Construction Project

Posted on: 28 May 2017

Forklifts are vital pieces of equipment when it comes to moving heavy freight to various distances and heights. However, getting the machine alone is not enough to handle your construction projects. You will need to hire a professional to operate the equipment in order to move the loads where they needed. A forklift operator is not just any quack you can pick on the road. You need someone with specific characteristics and job capabilities in order to perform this activity. A detailed vetting process that can help you get the best expert to handle this job should check the following factors.

Experience and Relevant Certification

All forklift operators must be well trained in order to perform well when handling this kind of equipment. Detailed training should provide information on all the safety measures, handling the challenges involved with navigating a three-dimensional space with forklift prongs, driving the equipment without running into walls and other things, and treating all the valuable items around with care. They should have certification of evaluation at least once for every three years. Most importantly, they should produce a completion certificate of their training from a valid training institution within your local state or country.

Experience equips one with high-level skills and creates confidence in their work. Make sure that your forklift operator has a good track record of their work that can be easily traced.

Physical Capability

The operation of forklifts can be a demanding job. Operators may have to shift positions by jumping in and out of their seat many times in a single day. They may also have to clear certain pathways and manage a series of demanding physical activities. It may be difficult to discriminate on one's physical fitness. However, you can include it in the job description to get candidates who are fit for the job.


Punctuality is a virtue that must be exercised in all professions. Forklift operators must show up to work on time when they are needed to avoid delaying the construction project. Make sure you get a reliable operator who is able to adhere to all the rules on the ground.

Conscientiousness and Care at Work

This is a very sensitive character for all forklift operators. There are significant dangers from the time the forklift picks up the load. They must be patient and careful enough to avoid accidents and damages at the construction site which is part of their professional obligations.

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