What to Ask a Potential Demolition Crew Before They Schedule a Home Teardown

Posted on: 29 June 2016

Demolishing your home can mean allowing you to build a new one on a site that you love, or you may find that your current home is in such disrepair that it might be better to start over with a new house versus trying to fix the one you have. Whatever your reasons for thinking about a demolition, ask a few questions of the company you want to hire (such as Roach Demolition & Excavations) beforehand so you know what's involved with the process and are sure to get it done properly. This will also ensure you don't make any mistakes before or during the demolition either. Note a few of those questions you might want to ask here.

Ask if it would be better or worse if you removed items inside

You might want to remove items inside the home to resell them and make some money; this might include wiring, cabinets, floor covering, and the like. You might also want to ensure that they are being recycled as much as possible and don't want them to simply wind up in a landfill.

However, a demolition company may not want you to do anything inside as this might put you in danger, if you were to start tearing things out that were along a load-bearing wall. They might also salvage items themselves and expect to be able to pick through them, or recycle items more safely and easily than you might. Before you start pulling things out of your old home, always ask what they recommend first.  

Ask if you should expect damage to the soil

A demolition company may need to note soil conditions of your property in order to see if it can readily support their heavy-duty cranes and other equipment. They may also need to note if the home can be demolished without the foundation shifting and settling, which can happen with soft or moist soil. You might ask if they expect damage to the soil if the home's foundation is removed, as this can mean allowing moisture to seep into the pit or excavation. In turn, surrounding soil might dry out while the soil under your new home construction might get very moist.

Your demolition company may note how the work will affect the soil on your property in this or any other way, so you can know if you should have it treated before new construction. You might also need to have the topsoil scraped away if they feel a large amount of dust will settle onto your property from the demolition.