Longreach Excavators: Understanding the Various Applications You Can Use Them

Posted on: 27 June 2016

A longreach excavator is a kind of excavator with a long arm to facilitate operations in areas that are hard to reach on the site. One of the popular uses of the longreach excavator is digging. This is because the excavators come with a bucket fitted at the end of the long arm (also called boom arm). However, the longreach excavator is a versatile machine usable for a host of many applications on a construction site. This can save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise used to hire additional equipment to carry out other jobs. If you have just hired a longreach excavator in your construction site, here are some of the activities you can use it for besides digging:


If you need to carry out demolitions, then you can do that using a longreach excavator. Here, you will detach the bucket and replace it with a wrecking ball, concrete breaker or hydraulic hammer. Since the arm extends horizontally away from the tractor, the longreach excavator provides an allowance to swing a wrecking ball safely without compromising the safety of the person operating the tractor. However, if the demolitions have to be done on specific, hard-to-reach sections of walls or floors, a hydraulic hammer or concrete breaker fitted on the arm would suffice.

Slope and Tunnel Stabilisation

Unstable slopes are one of the problems that you might encounter after extensive digging in your construction site. Soil sliding down from unstable slopes may not only interfere with the work you are doing on the site but also jeopardise the safety of your workers. The good thing is that you can stabilise such slopes through soil nailing. This technique is used to hold soil in place with tension-resisting steel elements or nails designed to support loose soil on slopes. The longreach excavator enables you to barge the steel elements into different sections on the slope. You can also use the soil nailing technique to reinforce tunnel surfaces and keep them from collapsing. 

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting involves the controlled drilling, sawing and removing of concrete from surfaces. Sometimes, it is hard to achieve this precision cutting because some areas of the concrete surface are hard to reach. In addition, other factors like structural weakness, or the cost of elevated work platforms may also make it hard to carry out concrete cutting. However, concrete cutting blades can be attached to the longreach excavator's boom arm to carry out the cutting.

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