Tips When Digging an Underground Pool With an Excavator

Posted on: 16 March 2016

A pool might not add a lot of actual value to your property, but it can add style and function that you can enjoy while you own the property. Underground pools are the most visually appealing option and also allow you to create a pool that is larger in size. However, in order to construct an underground pool, you are required to dig a much larger hole (with the help of earthmoving professionals). Using an excavator to dig the hole for an underground pool is the most feasible option that allows the construction of an underground pool to be much more efficient and effective. Before you begin digging the hole for your underground pool with an excavator, there are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that the project is much simpler and less costly.  


Before you even begin digging with an excavator, you need to be sure that certain areas of your property are marked. You should call the service in your region that will come to your property and mark your utilities. This will enable you to know for sure that you are not in danger of paying for utility repair costs once you begin digging your hole.

Shoebox Method

Once you have checked to make sure that you are not digging in the location where the utilities are located, you can stake the area where you have decided to dig your underground pool. The area where you will be staking and digging is actually larger than the size of your pool by a few inches in length and width. You can stake the area where you will be digging using paint to ensure that the marking is visible. You can begin digging with an excavator by digging up the layer of topsoil first. This allows you to begin digging down into the hole in a shoebox shape. As you keep digging the area where your pool will be located, the shape that you are digging will resemble a shoebox in design, but be in the dimensions that are required for your underground pool.   


After you have the shoebox dug, you can then begin staking where the pool will actually be constructed. You will place a stake in each corner and then use a string to outline where the pool wall will be placed. This allows you to have a visual of your actual pool so that you can begin digging the deep end. You will dig down in the area that you want the deep end to be located. The amount of extra depth that you create with the excavator will depend on how deep you want your underground pool to be. Once you have the deep end dug, you will have your underground pool completely dug and can begin the pool installation process.