How Bulldozers Work and Their Advantages as Earth Moving Equipment

Posted on: 15 March 2016

Earth-moving equipment is large, heavy equipment that is used in construction sites to relocate and move rocks and dirt. They are also used to level the ground in construction sites and can also be used in excavation. There are many types of earth moving equipment from which one can choose from.

Here is what you need to know about bulldozers and their advantages:  

How Bulldozers Work

A bulldozer is a specialised tractor that has two additional parts: a blade and a ripper. Bulldozers are used at construction sites to level the ground and also in mining tunnels.

Inside the Tractor

The tractor has a monitor panel that displays the amount of fuel that is remaining, the temperature of water that cools the engine and the temperature of oil. It also has a brake pedal, like all vehicles. In addition to the brake pedal, the tractor has a decelerator pedal, which helps the tractor to slow down but does not stop it. The tractor also has two joysticks. One joystick is used by the driver to steer the bulldozer and the other one in controlling the blade. 

The Blade

The blade is a heavy metal that is fixed to the front part of the bulldozer by a push frame. The blade is used to push objects and scoop large quantities of construction materials such as sand. As the tractor moves, the blade is flush against the ground. This helps the tractor pick up dirt and any rocks that may be protruding above the surface.

The Ripper

The ripper is attached to the rear of the tractor. The tractor's rear is powered by a hydraulic cylinder. The ripper can dig up rocks and break up hard ground so that the blade can scope them up. Rippers are also designed with steel alloy tips that are easily replaceable to ensure that they are always sharp. 

Advantages of Bulldozers

The following are some of the advantages of using bulldozers as earth moving equipment:

  1. Bulldozers are perfect for cleaning construction sites and demolition due to their size and heavy weight. The tracks, which are of high quality, allow the bulldozers to be invariable for their excessive weight.
  2. The continuous tracks of the bulldozers have a strong grip that helps them when undertaking rough terrain. The tracks also help the bulldozers to distribute their weight which in turn prevents them from submerging in land that is covered with mud.